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Beautifully produced, incredible detail, gorgeous photography.

Articles generally are about a series of similar cars; for example, 1964-66 Mustangs, which generally have the same body and chassis with superficial differencies over the model run. The typical article treats the subject as a business project over the course of several years, following from the design/engineering/tooling stage through the evolution and changes. The writers usally set the subject in context by describing the market conditions, competing products, and the product that the manufacturer superseded with the subject design.

If you are an enthusiast of a particular car, it is very likely that "Collectible Automobile" has previously covered it. The magazine hasn't rehashed exactly the same subjects, though an area may be revisited from a different perspective (eg, a recent article about GM's fleet of 1959 cars, though all of GM's 1959 cars have previously been covered in separate brand-specific articles that span several years).

Because there's no advertising (other than other products from the same publisher), there's no significant discount for subscriptions. I recommend buying a single copy from a newsstand, then ordering other interesting issues from the list at the back of the magazine.

Best of the Best!

My husband has been a car enthusiast and collector for most of his 60+ years.This magazine is always at the top of his "wish list" every birthday or Christmas (for me to renew!!) He's got every issue since they were first published and he'll drop everything the day it arrives in the mailbox and read it from cover to cover. It's a high-quality magazine with excellent photographs and detailed articles. We highly recommend this magazine for anyone who is a true classic car lover!

Simply the Best

I live in England in the UK and I first bought Collectible Automobile 10 years ago. For anyone who appreciates classic American metal, this magazine is an absolute must.

The quality of the whole magazine is simply superb. From the fabulous photographs, to the high quality of the paper itself, and the comprehensive technical details of all the automobiles in the magazine.

It is by far the best quality automobile magazine that I have ever read.

No comparison

There is not another magazine even close to this one. The quality of the paper and the color of the photographs is excellent. These folks come up with period pictures I've never seen. Well worth the money. I wish they could produce an issue each month.

terrific magazine for classic car collectors and enthusiasts

Collectible Automobile is the best magazine for people who collect cars and people (like me) who are dreaming and preparing to buy their first collectible car. Just as others have noted, the layouts are beautiful and the quality of the paper and even the print is excellent. This magazine is worth every penny you'll spend on it!

Each issue is devoted to the design and the mechanics of a few collectible cars in general. You might see a featured cover article about the history and design of a Mercury station wagon or a certain type of Buick, for example. The actual article gives you lots and lots of photos with annotations; and the articles are clearly written to give you insight with plenty of information in plain English so that you can learn so much just from reading that article. There are even tables that provide what the cost of a car should be (roughly) if you find it in various conditions and how much the featured cars originally sold for, etc.

If you subscribe you get a discount so I would advise subscribing to this magazine instead of buying it whenever a new issue is released. If you already wish you signed up earlier to get this magazine because it previously had an article about a certain type of car you like, don't worry. They provide you with an order form so that you can order a back issue. They also sell books about cars and there's lots of information about car shows happening all over the country.

Overall, Collectible Automobile is probably the best magazine out there for people who love old cars and collecting them. I highly recommend this magazine.

Each issue is a work of art!

This is quite simply the best classic car magazine available. The photography is first rate, the articles in-depth and fascinating. A few articles are even written by individuals who had a hand in designing the cars, and sometimes articles have input from the designers, engineers and others when possible, so you can get an impression of the cars from a "behind the scenes" perspective. Some articles have rare photos of prototypes and design studies for a featured car, so you can see how development of that car evolved and see some of the ideas that never made it to production. The content isn't always about specific cars; once in a while there's a feature about cars of a particular model year, a certain engine, or a particular group of cars. Occasionally there are interviews with automotive designers, engineers and artists, among others. The coverage is mostly of American cars, but sometimes European and Japanese cars are featured, too. Trucks are also featured once in a while. Each issue has information about promotional literature (sales brochures, etc.) for the cars featured, as well as information about scale models that have been made of the featured cars. There's a value guide at the end of each issue, and much more.

I have every single issue of this magazine right from the beginning. The magazine itself is collectible! It's definitely worthy of more than 5 stars. If you love old cars, you absolutely must give this magazine a look!

Best of the Old Car Mags

I'm an old car collector. This magazine goes into the most depth of any of them. The writing is smooth, the scholarship is thorough and dead-on, and the supporting photography is often of a quality you can't find elsewhere.

heir in-depth articles cover the cars in question, but also the people behind them, and the in-fighting behind the people.

I don't always treasure every issue--I'm not much on cars built past about 1965, and they cover everything up to 20 years ago--but what for me is "the good stuff" is well worth the wait and price.

Unfortunately, Collectible Automobile

has ceased publishing. I only found out when I noticed it was no longer on the newsstands. Shame because it was a great magazine.

International and personal S.F. mag

This is my new favorite SF mag. On one hand, it has the best of new voices from around the English-speaking world (Canada, UK, Australia, USA), so you get a lot of different takes on the genre. On the other hand, "Neo-Opsis" isn't produced by some corporate publishing entity. It's just two people, a husband and wife team. She does all the artwork, which is professional quality, and he writes articles and very quirky editorials. It's a small press science fiction magazine.

Fresh Addition to a Challenged Genre!

This is good, folks. I have only seen one issue of this magazine but am VERY pleased. I used to subscribe to Asimov's and think I will try this one out as well now. The stories range in tone - lighter read or "heavier" read, fantasy or hard science fiction - and there is also coverage of current science and environmental issues/ concerns. The mix is very successful and contributing writers are from, literally, around the world. It is published in Canada was told (by the bookseller at least) that it won the Canadian equivalent of a Hugo Award. They call it the Prix Aurora Award up there.