Reviews For American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine

Nice quilting magazine

American Patchwork and Quilting magazine is a good solid quilting magazine. It features mostly traditional type quilting projects with a twist, whether it be non-traditional color arrangements, or a contemporary quilting technique overlaying the traditional design. It includes a center pullout section of patterns. The photography is clear and pattern instructions are understandable.

To ensure pattern accuracy, most of the quilt projects are featured with color pictures of the project and then an additional quilt is made in different colors and settings as a test of pattern accuracy. This of course, also gives you additional ideas on how to design your own quilt project.

The magazine also features special quilters and their quilts with the pattern for one of the quilts they have made. They also feature a yearly quilt shop issue which takes you on a photographic trip of quilt shops around the country. Just seeing what other quilters around the country are doing can fill your head with way too many quilt ideas but quilters like having their heads full of quilt ideas.

There is advertising in each issue, but it is quilting and or sewing related, nor is there a huge amount of it. All in all a very nice, quality quilt magazine which I highly recommend.


Makes it easy

I really enjoy this magazine because it is well organized and the instructions are clearly written. In other magazines the instructions can get pretty confusing sometimes but in A.P.and Q. all instructions are tested before printing. They also offer alternative color suggestions for most of their quilts.
I really enjoy the traditional quilt patterns with new techniques to make them simpler. The articles about cutting bees gave me plenty of ideas for guild meetings and get togethers with my quilting friends.
I highly recommend this magazine for new expirenced quilters. It is a resource that is valuable to any quilter. I suggest if you like this magazine try For the Love of Quilting too.


Primary Reason for Buying: Articles

Excellent magazine

This is probably one of the best quilting magazines you can buy! I look forward to receiving this magazine in the mail every issue! It is loaded with great articles and tons of designs--all with a great variety. This magazine has patterns for all levels and all types of quilters (appliquers, hand piecers, machines quilters...etc.).

one of my favorites

This is one of my favorite quilting magazines, especially (but not only) for beginners. There is almost always something that I want to make in each issue, which isn't the case with most of the quilting magazines I pick up. I love the alternate design/color schemes for each project. Fons & Porter's is another good choice.

American Patchwork and Quilting

I have found American Patchwork and Quilting to be among the best in quilting magazines. I love every issue. The articles are informative and the patterns are simply wonderful. Not every issue will please every reader, but this one comes close.

If you can only have one, subscribe to this one!

This is a great quilting magazine - the instructions are clear and concise, there is something for everyone in this magazine. The only thing I wish they would add is a skill level indication. As a relatively new quilter, the projects I'm drawn to seem to be the most difficult! If it weren't for my quilting instructor (I decided to take a beginner's class), I'd be trying to do things that are way out of my league at this point in my obsession.

Overall, the magazine is absolutely wonderful!


I subscribed to American Patchwork Quilting magazine for over a year, and to be honest I found it mediocre. The projects seem to be designed for people with 'high end' sewing machines and there are way too much appliqué projects, advertisements, and modern-looking quilting projects.

I'm an intermediate quilter, and the majority of the quilts featured are A: too easy B: seriously complex or C: way too contemporary. There seems to be no middle ground and few projects for those who like to make quilts that are more traditional looking. In fact this issue (October), features a huge article for some textile designer which isn't even about quilting or piecing. Bleh.

For this price I'd expect less adverts, more blocks, and more projects a traditional piecer might enjoy. 2 stars.

The Editor needs more experience

From what i have found .. the editor needs more experience.
Having one's grandmother quilt does not make one an expert quilter