Reviews For American Indian Art Magazine

Absolutely indispensible!

I have been an avid reader of American Indian Arts Magazine for over 12 years. As a museum docent in American Indian museums during all these years, I obtain valuable information about artists, their work, and historical and current topics from the fine articles. The results of auctions are always interesting to me. I also benefit from articles written by well-known experts in specific areas of American Indian art. Finally, I save all my issues for reference, and use them regularly.

American Indian Art appeals to not only the collector or historian but to all students of art.....

American Indian Art Magazine is the most awesome and informative magazine on Native American art that I have found on the magazine circuit! The quarterly publication offers exceptional articles and fabulous photography of ancient to modern Native American art/artifacts/artworks which include jewelry, clothing, pottery, dolls, woven/beaded/quilled/painted and handcrafted items as well as everyday items needed to survive the N. A. lifeways. Not only are the articles historically acurate, they are informative and appeal to a large spectrum of artistic interests from collectors to students. They are written in a light, easy to follow manner yet they maintain a professional perspective. Personally I love the close-up pictures in both articles and advertisements! These photo's which relay the intricate and artistic details with each photo, emphasize the simplistic beauty that is exemplified by the original artist who designed and created it. The magazine also lists upcoming Native American Art sales and provides current auction prices for a wide range of items. This is a magazine that once one has opened its cover , it can't be easily set aside but draws you to read and review the numerous and information and photos cover to cover.

Indian Art at It's Best

There is no better means to find, to preview Indian Art than via this Indian Art magazine. Every month fresh, great art delivered to your door. It doesn't get any better than this, unless ... unless, they have come up with a means of injecting Indian Art straight into my dreams. The art work is fresh, it's bright, it's friendly and it's all mine. ... ALL MINE!! ... Until the next month when the next great collection of Indian Art work shows up at my door.