Reviews For Alternative Press Magazine

Monthly Dose of Awesome

It brightens my day whenever I see an AP sitting in muh mailbox. I agree that you shouldn't give a bad review just becasue a product hasn't come in yet. Don't let the 2 star reviews fool you, AP is just about the greatest printed source there is for music. I discovered almost every band on my mp3 player from this magazine. But I will say, if you're not into really AMAZING music, stick with your local radio station and order a subscription of J14. :P

AP magazine

This is the second year I purchased this magazine for my daughter in law for christmas. She loves it.

Good for growing up with.

When I was a teenager and in my early twenties, the monthly AP was a prized gift in my mailbox. Since I've hit my 30's it has lost touch with me and I feel my generation. It does focus on new and upcoming bands and goes a little heavy on the whole "style" thing. Nothing really to interesting unless your a teenager or in your 20's and hanging onto something. The one and only reason I'm giving it four stars is the fact that the reviews are honest and a gazillion times better than Rolling Stone or Spin. Though given that Spin and Paste are now my music magazines of choice. I will no longer purchase an AP just read the reviews while I'm at the newsstand.

The magazine equivalent of a hyperactive teenager

While I listen to many of the bands AP covers, actually trying to read this magazine is exhausting. Their articles are short, never very informative, and usually consist of bands talking about other bands (Our influences are...). Also, they review what seems like hundreds of albums per issue, so each one only gets two sentences of space. Had a subscription for two years, but just can't force myself to slog through this magazine anymore.