Reviews For Air Force Times Magazine

Home Grown

Herb Quarterly has a wonderful home-grown feel that results from the marriage of watercolor and other fine art with all sorts of articles concerning herbs. While there is a quaint look to HQ the articles are up-to-date, thorough and very informative. This magazine will appeal to all types of people interested in herbs, from beginners to more adept herbalists, there is always something of interest. HQ features a diverse approach and coverage of herbs, crossing cultures and various orientations making it open to medicinal herbalists, gardeners, product formulators (handmade soap & other natural products) aromatherapists and magical herbalists.

Worth investigating.......

You might try subscribing to this periodical if you have a desire to learn more about herbs, be they medicinal or culinary or for some other human purpose. It's just coincidence of course, but I had a migraine headache this past week and what is the lead article for the Spring 2005 issue? "Chart a course for Migraine Relief". Now how's that for currency? I find various HQ articles are "right on the money" in that respect.

Notice how human use drives human classification schemes in amateur approaches, while botany or science often often takes a different view? I was pleased to see that some of the articles in HQ included scientifically based information such as Latin naming so that I could cross-reference suggested uses. (I read the HQ issues cover to cover, However, I continue to cross-check everything as I don't want to poison myself and/or develop a horrible rash.)

The editors have made a wise decision which is to create a distilled journal with apparently fact-checked information. Rushing into print monthly may cause more than migraine headaches or rashes. Some monthly publications may 'increase' market share because they appear to be more current than a quarterly report, but I am not convinced material hastily prepared will be more useful. You cannot rush solid thinking and distilled knowledge, which some folks still call herbal wisdom.

This journal is full of wisdom.

Beautiful Artwork, Informative Articles, Mouth Watering Recipes

From cover to cover, the recipes (not just culinary) the latest research, gardening tips and beautiful quotes all pertaining to herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables are worth every penny. Every issue is like getting 3 different magazines all at once. A Foodie Mag, Gardening Mag, and Health Journal all rolled into one. Wonderful!

Great Companion for Herbal Studies

The guide selects a few plants each quarter and provides detail on them. It is a good reinforcement for my studies, and it makes me feel like I'm a member of an elitist herbal/wildcrafter group. If you are studying uses for herbs, it's recommended.

Best herb magazine

Some great information but the con's are the expense and few times a year it's published.

Takes Your Money and Doesn't send the Magazine

I can't figure out this magazine company. They put out a good magazine but don't ever subscribe because you won't see an issue. I paid for a 3 year subscription and spent 2 years writing them to ask about my issues. I even sent them a copy of the money order I used to pay for the issues. I was completely ignored. There's just no excuse for taking people's money. Do not subscribe to this magazine!!!

crazy experience

Like some other reviewers, I too had a dreadful experience with my subscription to the Herb Quarterly. It's a shame because the magazine itself is wonderful. But their circulation department is either completely incompetent or downright dishonest.