Reviews For Adirondack Life Magazine

The definitive source for all things Adirondack...

I admit it. I read back issues of Adirondack Life for fun. Call me a nerd, call me obsessed, but as long as my grandmother continues to bring issues home from the library after they go out of circulation, I'm a happy camper (pun intended). Today I'm an especially happy camper because the latest issue just arrived.

If you've ever been to the Adirondacks, you know the lure of its mountains, lakes, and forests. Not to sound cheesy, but Adirondack Life really captures that sense of wildness, history, and exploration. I just can't say enough about this great magazine.

Regular sections of the magazine...

Box 410 - letters to the editor
Short Carries - various short ADK-related story
Northern Lights - ADK news
Environment - ADK environmental issues
Profile - ADK people
North Country - ADK culture and community news
Yesteryears - ADK history
Adirondack made - ADK crafts and products
Inside and out - upcoming ADK happenings and events
Back Page - very short "last page" type story

The magazine commonly features...

Stories about great hiking destinations.
Articles about the wilderness and wild forest areas that make up the Park.
In-depth discussions of current environmental issues affecting the region.
Excerpts from Adirondack books and short stories.
Unbelievable pictorials.

The publishers of Adirondack Life also put out a great "Annual Guide to the Adirondacks". This thick issue is packed with recommended destinations and recreational opportunities. If you visit the region regularly, or even if you've never been, the annual guide is a great resource for planning your next trip.

If you love the Adirondacks, you'll love Adirondack Life.
Trust me on this one.