Reviews For Action Pursuit Games Magazine

Best Paintball Magazine

This is the best paintball magazine. You want strategy, you got it. You want new equipment, you got it. You want competition coverage, you got it. Even the extensive ads are efficient and helpful (the advertisers know the buyers in APG are more interested in substance than glitz). If you only get one paintball magazine, this is the one to get. With at least twice as much good stuff per issue, it is better than any of the others.

Best Paintball Publication

I started paintball 5 years ago before highschool reading this magazine. Excellent articles, good reviews, and a very open editorial section. For anybody starting the sport or wanting expand a knowledge of technology in paintball. This is for you.

A Writer for APG

APG is the Sports Illustrated of paintball, it has been around since 1988 and durning that time paintball has changed a lot. It covers stories for beginners thru semi-professionals, some professional players prefer not to reveal the secretes to their success.
As a freelance writer for APG; I write from experience, I try not to repeat a topic, and I even write funny stories. I try to encourage everyone I meet to write a story and send it in, they will pay for stories they publish.
APG is a magaine for players of paintball, written by people who play on a regular basis. After all, a magazine is only as good as the people who write the stories and submitt them.

Why This Mag Is AWESOME!!

This magazine is the best of all paintball mags because it keeps you updated with everything and has a lot of more featured than a regular paintball magazine would have.

From newbie to seasoned player

There are articles in this magazine for everyones skill level. It has great photos and well written articles that target both increasing your knowledge and promoting safety. It a "guys that play paint ball writing about paint ball magazine" that really captures it's target audience without alienating those rare female players. At times the amount of ads are a bit much but if you haven't bought your dream gun yet, this magazine will keep you up to date on what's out there!

Not Bad

Its a good magazine for someone who is some what new to paintball. If ur an experienced baller I would recommend buying it first and reading one because i think this magazine is deff not worth the prescription.