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Gentlemens Quarterly Gq (India)

The leading source for all things men-fashion, technology, entertainment, sports, food, travel, girls and luxury- GQ is now in India. Gentlemen's Quarterly, now known as GQ, was launched 50 years ago in the US. Since then, GQ has asserted its authority on men's style and culture in 14 countries across the world. Uncovering the biggest stories & unveiling stars of the moment, GQ India reaches the men who matter - affluent, intelligent, hip and influential - those who look to GQ for what it takes to look sharp and live smart. An upscale lifestyle magazine for the discerning Indian man. GQ is a frequent winner of magazine awards, and has become a byword for a certain kind of gentleman - urbane, stylish, up-to-date with fashion and culture, curious, sharp-witted and as aspirational as he is affluent. Across every industry, the Indian man is more powerful than ever, driving growth and prosperity, and attracting the world's most prestigious brands.

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