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Clear is best described as a curator of interesting items, objects and ideas in the world of design, fashion and art. We pride ourselves on providing readers with unique, exclusive editorial content, creative reviews, profiles and interviews.

Listed prices active from September 20, 2020 to October 3, 2020.

Unfortunately this magazine is not presently available.

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    Clear towards the future

    What is so striking about Clear magazine is its obvious packaging look. A thin plastic cover printed with colorful designs over a fashion model. The cover is actually slightly translucent giving you a sense of curiosity to check out what's under the cover. Once you hold the magazine in your hand, you know you've landed on something special.

    Clear Magazine is a lifestyle magazine chock full of articles on the latest designs in furniture, architectual, interior, fashion and gadgets. The glossy pages printed in Yupo paper tells you that this is no ordinary, cheap fashion and design magazine, but a rather sophisticated one. Integrating dynamic graphics...

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